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Ms. Caroline Perkins

If you're a Richwooder, you've probably met Miss Caroline Perkins. She's known for helping her community and treating every friend like family.

Cara is the adopted daughter of Bob Henry Baber and Tammara Taylor, and the Granddaughter of Carolyn Taylor of Richwood. Her siblings include two sisters and a brother, Ciara Combs, Cody Baber, and Jacqueline Baber. Proud aunt of Ruby and Owen Combs.

Cara will graduate from Glenville State College in the Spring of 2018 with a bachelors in English Education. She hopes to use her degree in Richwood to help students utilize positive outlets such as writing and the arts.

Cara enjoys the outdoors and is always taking advantage of the Cherry River and Monogahelia Forest for activities such as kayaking and hiking. Cara is very family oriented, and her favorite thing is spending time at the Baber Farm with her dogs and loved ones.

Ms. Perkins has been elected as the new Secretary of The Cherry River Navy, Inc.

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