Cubmaster (304) 618-2695
Webelo Den (606) 219-5926
Executive Officer (304) 651-9567

About Pack 847

Cub Scout Pack 847 was established in 2017 by Jennifer Bragg and Heather Young. The Cherry River Navy, Inc. chartered the Pack and continues to do so. Jennifer Bragg left scouting in 2018 and Heather stepped up and filled all the major positions. She was tireless in her efforts of making the Pack successful.

New Cubmaster Former Eagle Scout

Kim Tarter took over the helm in September 2019 when Heather Young stepped down as Cubmaster. Kim is also a Biologist who works for the Forest Service.

A Part of Our After-School Program

One of the setbacks we have in our community is getting Scouts to and from meetings. Because of the distances, this places a hardship on many of our families which prevents Scouts from attending meetings. This year, we teamed with Cherry River Elementary School's after-school program. Principal Laura Young and after-school coordinator Sarah Weber made it all happen.Once every two weeks, the Scouts eat a full dinner at 2:30 pm and then we have our Pack meeting from 3:00 - 5:00 pm when the kids ride the school bus home.